Choplifter HD


Choplifter HD is the revival of an old classic. inXile Entertainment tried to keep the core principles as simple as they were in 1982: rescue stranded targets, and keep an eye on your health and fuel gauges while you do so.

This downloadable title for XBLA, PSN, and PC was developed by a small team at inXile Entertainment. The intent was to leverage our recent Unreal 3 experience (from shipping Hunted: The Demon's Forge) to build a compelling, replayable downloadable game in a relatively-short development window. The project leads conceived the project around three main pillars:

  • Create easy-to-use tools that would allow for quick iteration and tuning of levels

  • Plan sets of levels around "themed" environments (desert, jungle, mountain, city); each level in a set would reuse many of the same elements in different combinations to efficiently create a significant roster of challenges with a small team

  • Target the sweet spot of challenge, replayability, and unlockables that makes leaderboard-type arcade games dangerously addicting

The team even got support from the creator of the original Choplifter, Dan Gorlin, who stopped by early in the project to make sure we kept true to the spirit of his original vision. It was vitally important, he reminded us, to keep the focus solidly on the rescue aspects of the game even as we diversified the combat options. He felt that what makes the franchise so memorable is the thrill of getting a rescuee back home safely and the tension of making decisions that might result in losing rescuees if the player stretches his ambitions too far.

What I worked on

Details on specific levels will be coming soon!