Level: Prologue
Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Game stats


May 31, 2011 - Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC


Unreal 3 editor, C-style scripting

Level Breakdown:

7 playable levels


Hunted: The Demon's Forge is a 3rd-person cover shooter / brawler full of adventure, foreboding locales, and hordes of mythological creatures to slay.

The game tells the story of Caddoc and E'lara, two mercenaries whose fortunes become entwined with a mystery stretching back centuries.  At any point, players can switch between the two characters (a brutal swordsman and a deadly archer) or join forces with a friend!  Whichever they choose, the gift of powerful magic and a silvery, strength-enhancing potion ensure that death comes swiftly to their enemies.

Though Caddoc and E'lara begin the journey caring only about their own comforts, their destiny may eventually lead to heroism and riches...

...if they can survive.

What I worked on

Each link below will take you to an in-depth look at the level's development.

Primary Level Designer on  3  (of 7) Levels:


The Wilds of Govad

The Walls of Kala Moor

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Work with a cross-disciplinary "boss prototyping" team as the Design representative

  • Iterate and implement plans for ramping the difficulty over the course of the game

  • Propose and aid the development of new tools:

    • a system for conditionally spawning enemies during combat to control the intensity of a fight

    • a system for authoring fog to thicken and recede dynamically

    • a system for automatically adjusting music layers to match the flow of a combat encounter

  • Attend playtest sessions with external testers to look for potential level improvement areas

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