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Level: The Wilds
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Chapter 5: The Walls of Kala Moor

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Summary of events leading up to this level

The city of Llyr was in flaming ruins.  Too much damage had been done for two people to do much good, but Caddoc and E'lara did what they could to push back the evil forces destroying the city.  To their surprise, these forces included dragons (which hadn't been seen for centuries prior).

The two heroes searched the city, still in pursuit of the Lord Mayor of Dyfed's daughter.  At length, they finally found her...  but were surprised when she neither looked like nor had any knowledge of Seraphine.  They also encountered the King of Llyr, who revealed that a mercenary like Caddoc and E'lara is the driving force behind the misery going on around them.  This legendary figure's name is Annuvin, a renowned dragon hunter, who used Llyr's Death Stone to combat a merciless dragon found in Kala Moor years before.

Annuvin was thought to have perished, but recent reports confirm that his name is on the lips of the Minotaurs and Wargar ravaging the land...  Expecting a suicide mission, Caddoc and E'lara set out to put a stop to the ongoing genocide.

At the library of Llyr, this prediction nearly comes true as they encounter a powerful demon like the one seen in Caddoc's dream and in person near the beginning of the game!

Seraphine reappears, her deception revealed, and explains her motivations:  she recruited Caddoc and E'lara to destroy Annuvin, but knew that they don't think of themselves as heroesówithout a more personal goal (the promise of riches), the two mercenaries would have been unwilling to get swept up in the journey to save the world.

Now committed to the righteous cause, they board the boat for Kala Moor.



Opening Cinematic

The level begins with the two heroes disembarking at a cavernside dock that the Minotaur have been using.  A sense of dread has settled over the characters;  clearly their journey is nearing an end of some sort... good or bad.



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