Level: Prologue
Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 5: The Walls of Kala Moor

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A return to sewers

The rickety nature of the inner walls proves the two heroes' undoing as a wooden floor gives way beneath their feet, dropping them into another section of sewer.

Arackling Crawlers again drop from every available opening in the walls, soon joined by a Demon whose massive bulk nearly fills the entire room.

However, Caddoc and E'lara have come a long way since they first encountered one of these threats, and now they're well-equipped to deal with it.

After the battle, the two heroes rescue a human slave.  They ask where the rest of the slaves are...  given the construction going on in the walls, they would have expected to see thousands of them at work but have only encountered a few.  He explains that the Minotaurs and Wargar have been taking slaves into the citadel by the thousands...

...and they never return.



Sleg Corridor

Opening a door, Caddoc and E'lara see a cask of Sleg at the start of a long corridor with a 90-degree turn at the end.  A stream of Berserker Wargar appear from around that corner and continue to be replenished as each one falls.

The two heroes battle their way around the first corner only to find a second and third in short order.  Minotaurs, then Wargar snipers, then finally armored Minotaurs and magic-using Wargar appear in the narrow passageway.  The exit is blocked by another "slow gate," ensuring that the heroes deal with all the threats before proceeding.

When it's all over, the floor is littered with dropped weaponry and potions.


We wanted to ensure that each Sleg battle was unique in some fashion.  The one earlier in this level evolves as pieces of destructible cover are blown away and features a variety of enemies coming in from all directions.  Many of the others in the game are more directional but provide a wide path with many routes for the players to try to defend from enemy assault.

To keep things fresh, we decided that this one would present a different challenge by having only one path to defend but tossing a nearly-endless stream of the most damage-resistant enemies in at a rapid-fire pace.  The turns in the corridor allow enemies to always be spawned right around the next corner to keep the sense of desperation at a high level.

The magical powers of a player who has explored all the nooks and crannies up to this point are sure to be maxed out, creating a difficult situation for the designer intent on crafting what a Sleg fight demands: a high-octane battle constantly on the verge of being lost to the enemy.

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