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Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 5: The Walls of Kala Moor

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Dense Jungle

A stronger breed of Wargar than the heroes have confronted before emerge from the trees all around. The path forward appears to be blocked... until a Minotaur charges right through a tree, destroying it on his way into the space. More pass across a fallen log overhead, clearly preparing to defend the area from the two seemingly-unstoppable invaders.

An overgrown area underneath a bridge forces the heroes up onto a higher level, where they encounter a new type of heavy weapon emplacement.  The fast-firing "Flechette Launcher" is effective at crowd control... which comes in handy as Wargar warriors enhanced with Sleg start to run across the bridge to stop the two heroes.  These nimble fighters do not appear to fear death, but also combat-roll to avoid being hit by the deadly flechette missiles.

Eventually, waves of Minotaurs and more resistant versions of Arackling Crawlers join the forces attempting to cross the bridge, but Caddoc and E'lara and the Flechette Launcher manage to hold them at bay.



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