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Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 5: The Walls of Kala Moor

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Surrounded in the Clearing

Caddoc and E'lara are surprised when the massive jungle trees give way to an open clearing.  It seems that the Minotaurs have been clear-cutting the area around Kala Moor.  Caddoc thinks it's to give them visibility on any incoming armies, but E'lara counters that perhaps they needed the trees for some other reason...

In the center of the clearing is another cask of Sleg, so the two heroes prepare for another life-or-death battle.

The fight does not disappoint.  Within seconds of ducking behind the stumps and stacks of lumber, the pair are overwhelmed by a combination of Wargar and Minotaurs.  The Minotaurs' charging attacks rip up the battlefield, destroying the piles of lumber and making them unusable for cover.

Magic-wielding Wargar, Wargar with exploding arrows, and Sleg-enhanced warrior Wargar up the ante.  Soon the battle reaches fever-pitch... and that's when a Demon arrives.  The two heroes are pushed to their limits and may give in to the temptation to use Sleg to turn the tide.



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