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Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 5: The Walls of Kala Moor

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Vertical Quarry

The path ahead leads through a cavern that opens out into a mined-out quarry.  Huge blocks of stone have been cut away to create chasms hundreds of feet deep and miles long in either direction.  Caddoc expects that when they reach Kala Moor, the keep will have been rebuilt from its previous ruined state.

The quarry is also being used as a foundry:  in one spire, the heroes find a circular chamber whose center is an immense cauldron full of heated material.  Their path through winds around the circumference, where Wargar appear simultaneously in front, to the side (across the cauldron), and even behind them (through teleportation magic).

Past the cauldron, the path loops through the spire as it rises to the top of the quarry.

Reaching the top presents a familiar challenge, though one not seen in quite a while:  on a rickety platform above the cauldron, Caddoc and E'lara are confronted by another Harridan and her staff.  This time, the witch is supported by Wargar archers, though the circular arena provides plenty of cover facing in all directions.


Continuing a gameplay "theme" from Chapter 3, arrows fired over heat sources—here, the cauldron—ignite automatically.  Players who observe this may prioritize targets differently, to their advantage.

Players who shoot at the distant Wargar (or the ropes holding the giant stone blocks aloft) will have their experimentation paid off as those blocks collapse down and crush those enemies.

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