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Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 3: The Wilds of Govad

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A Well-Defended Approach

As the sun begins to set in the forest, Caddoc and E'lara finally reach the temple on the hill that they spotted at the beginning of the level.

They scale the hill towards the temple, but two catapults at the top of its slopes don't make the journey easy.  The Wargar use a unique feature of the catapult bombs—their ability to leave a flaming patch of land for a few seconds—to close off routes that the player might take up the hill before he or she can even reach them.

Reaching the top of the slope is an achievement, one rewarded (as before) with the ability to turn the weapon against its makers.  Wargar swarm the bottom of the hill (where there's a line of destructible trees), and the player can take a moment to experience the hill-slope battle from the perspective of the defenders.



Puzzles in the Temple

Before Caddoc and E'lara can reach the temple's center, their path forward is blocked by the Wargar they were following locking a critical door.

The room they find themselves in is ruined, with the thick chain from some kind of device laying across the center of the space.  A wide, heavy plank has fallen across the chain, which gives the two heroes an idea—the way the chain is draped across the overhead beams could form a sort of ramp if they can pull it taut.

They find a convenient winch at one end of the chain which serves their needs perfectly.  The tightened chain lifts the plank exactly as needed, but their plan has an unexpected result:  rather than create a ramp, the perfectly-centered chain instead provides a fulcrum for the board, which teeters to one side or the other depending on the weight balanced on it.

The clever heroes find a way to turn this to their advantage, each of them walking to one end of the board (to keep both ends balanced as high as possible) and then stepping off at precisely the same moment onto the structures overhead.

They immediately encounter the exact same setup, but as they repeat their success, Wargar archers find them and begin to rain down arrows—forcing Caddoc and E'lara to either defend themselves while solving the puzzle or back off, eliminate the enemies, then return to the balance board.



A Puzzle in the Puzzle Room

In the upper portion of this room, Caddoc and E'lara also encounter another mini-puzzle provided by a Death Stone spirit.

The spirit has a particular distaste for the area's crows and promises to reward the heroes for killing several from the area that have been feasting on his corpse.

After securing their reward, the two heroes head up several flights of stairs.  The floor of the elevated path seems ready to collapse any second, but they battle through a nest of Crawlers and emerge into the sunset light at the temple's center.



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