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Level: The Wilds
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Chapter 3: The Wilds of Govad

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Minotaurs — A New Foe

The reason the Wargar have been uncharacteristically taking prisoners is revealed:  they have been trading human prisoners to a band of Minotaurs in exchange for delivery of casks of the mysterious silver liquid, Sleg.  E'lara's recklessness causes the heroes to be discovered.  The Minotaurs respond by revealing how great a threat they pose compared to the Wargar—they slaughter the weaker enemies for leading the heroes to this location, then charge into battle!

The Minotaur charge is revealed to be able to shatter the temple's ancient pillars into bits.  This presents a significant challenge to Caddoc and E'lara, for whom the few fallen pillars provide the only available cover!

A single Minotaur turns out to be a significant challenge, and after moving to the second half of the open-air space, the two heroes are confronted with many more.


A few Minotaur sprinkle in with Wargar so the comparative difficulty of the old enemies and the new is clear. Explosive barrels and vents emitting explosive swamp gas can be used to level the odds a bit.

Unstable situation

The path leading out of the temple is much like the one leading in—except that the instability the characters noticed earlier now pays off as sections of the floor break away as they approach.  The pair hurries to get clear, and emerges onto the back side of the hill on which the temple sits.

In a dark mirror-image of what occurred on the other side of the temple, here Caddoc and E'lara find two catapults and use them to defend against Minotaur who come rushing up the hill.  The explosive power of the catapults is doubled by the vents of explosive swamp gas, but the Minotaurs put up a mighty fight regardless.

The Minotaurs appear to be transporting the prisoners they get from the Wargar down-river on boats.  The two heroes head to investigate.



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