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Level: The Wilds
Level: The Walls

Chapter 3: The Wilds of Govad

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An Imperfect Trap

As night sets and a fog rolls in, Caddoc and E'lara ascend a hill and approach a man at the top screaming for help.  He rushes off before they can do anything, however, and iron gates rise up all around them—the clever Minotaur had heard that enemies were coming and have laid a trap!

The trap restricts the heroes to only half of the hill, and Minotaur and Wargar begin to emerge from the thick bushes all around.  The elf and human do their best to defend their high position without cover, but their situation looks desperate...

Except that the Minotaurs have made a crucial error:  they had been using this hill as a stopping point when bringing Sleg to the Wargar and have left a cask of the strength-enhancing silvery liquid at the top of the hill where the heroes can make use of it as necessary!



Last detours

Before Caddoc and E'lara reach the docks, they encounter a golden plaque which speaks of "mighty breath" and "in true order."  They puzzle over this and realize that by standing on a certain stone trigger, they activate a fire mechanism in the mouth of a large stone head.  The head appears to be screaming, but they realize that it may in fact actually be "breathing," and that it's pointed in the direction of another, similar face.  Lighting this one reveals the next in the chain and so on until a reward is revealed.

In the process of puzzling this out, the heroes pass the entrance to another small side dungeon and can choose to investigate.



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