Damaged Satellite
Rescue, Part 1
Rescue, Part 2
Oxygen Garden
EVA Prep

Station Interior: EVA Prep Room + Airlock

An Update on the Anomaly

The EVA Prep area features a holotable (like the one found on the station's bridge) and an airlock.  This is where mining site personnel would meet to get a "sitrep" before putting on their suits for Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA) and heading to the mining site outside the station.

HERA, the AI aboard the station, has finished a multi-point scan of the anomaly which has been wreaking havoc on the station's systems, and is ready to deliver what she's learned.  She downloads the data into the holotable for Jack and Liv to view it... but the data is unreadable, useless, as though the signals were scrambled in transit.

The one thing that the crew is able to know for sure is that the anomaly has been growing since it appeared, which doesn't seem like a good sign given the damage it did to the station's systems.


My work on this sequence was mostly functional.  I helped place the holotable when it was decided this sequence needed one, helped plan the holotable beats, worked with the animators to define and script Liv's actions, etc.

I set up the EVA Backpack moment and tested how well that would work to transition the player immediately into a tutorial (the arm computer method that the player uses to enter the other tutorials hadn't been thought of yet).  I worked with the Interact Team on implementing and iterating the airlock activation sequence, etc.


To the Airlock and beyond

Jack and Liv resolve that their next best step will be to send Jack outside to get a more direct scan of the anomaly, in hopes that the problem with HERA's data was due to signal interference that won't affect an in-person scan.

Jack heads into the airlock and grabs an EVA Backpack.  Once the player reaches behind himself to socket the device, it enables Jack's advanced movement systems and triggers a "training module" on using its Boost and Brake functionality.

When calibrated, Liv gives Jack the go-ahead to cycle the airlock and exit the station.


Perhaps most important, I agitated for the team to solve some problems which are invisible to players but are crucial for game developers to solve.  We have to handle what's outside when you're inside and what looks to be inside when you're outside (neither of which are actually the continuous-seeming experience players appear to have), and determining how Liv would sign off and leave the player at this moment, and what she would be doing if the player returned after leaving the airlock...

They're not all obviously Mission / Level Design tasks, but as the person most responsible for making sure everything about the player's experience is "right," it does become part of that role and can involve a lot of consideration and discussion to make work properly.