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Mysterious Vessel: Rescue, Part 2

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Jack makes his way to the location Apollo identified.  He opens the hatch door and looks out over the life support systems room... and Liv, venting her frustration over not being able to get the systems to activate.  She's so focused on her efforts that she doesn't hear Jack come in.

Once he approaches, however, she reacts.  After a moment of surprise at seeing him "alive" (he was still offline back at the station the last time she saw him), they go over the situation.  Liv isn't seriously injured, but for as long as she's been aboard the ship, she's been unable to find any breathable air.

She's pretty sure that the systems in this room are a form of life support, but she hasn't been able to get them online.

Jack introduces her to Apollo.  She's initially wary of this new AI, but Jack convinces her that he's trustworthy.  After all, it would have been a near-impossible task to locate Liv aboard the massive ship without his help.

Apollo takes stock of the problems with the life support systems.  In addition to needing some local repairs, they won't come on without the ship's main reactor being online.

A plan is hatched:  while Jack goes to activate the reactor, Liv will stay in the life support room and effect repairs with Apollo's guidance.


One thing we always kept in mind when discussing how this end sequence of the game should go was that we wanted to return to the idea of Liv as a very capable, hands-on character; a problem-solver.  Though her oxygen is running low, she doesn't wait around idly for Jack to save her—when we find her, she's hard at work saving herself (having brought some favorite tools from the station), and while Jack goes to turn on the reactor, she gets busy fixing the life support systems.

In earlier (planned) versions, she might have been able to take an even more active role, traveling with Jack and working to solve problems which would have otherwise required Jack to be in two places at once.  The realities of the development time forced us to reconsider, but I'm really happy with where things ended up:  the Narrative Team made sure that Liv was never left behind in planning her own rescue, and although it took some problem-solving of our own, the Environment Art Team created something that really puts the focus on Liv and Apollo as they meet and later when they attempt to activate the repaired systems.


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