Level: Airship
Level: Blackwall Yard
Level: Embankment
Level: Catacombs

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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Passenger Lounge

Entering the lounge, Galahad sees the flaming engine car through a window.

As he enters the area with the passengers' bunks, the Rebels pull out all the stops to hold him back. Knowing he must be close to reaching the second bomb, he neutralizes them and hurries downstairs as the ship begins to shake and pitch.

Gameplay Video


As stated above, I feel it's crucial to have visual reminders that instill in the player the sense of being aboard an airship (lest they forget what a fragile environment that is). In this case, I wanted to ensure that the destruction of the engine car (which happened off-screen during the events in the Foyer) made an appearance, to drive home the urgency of the situation.


Here, I have to admit to having made a significant error as the designer for this level.

The armored "heavy shotgun" enemy introduced here is terrible. He breaks the hurried pace we're trying to instill, he gives the player very few options to deal with him, and he's all wrong for the encouter space he appears in. Here's what happened:

Late in development, it became clear that certain enemies were not featured often enough over the course of the game. This armored variant of the heavy shotgun enemy in particular didn't even have a place picked out to introduce him before the player would have to face one at the start of the next level, so the game's combat designer and I agreed to try him out here.

Where the plan failed is that we were so busy late in development that I wasn't able to oversee the way he was added to the fight. I had surmised, correctly, that this enemy type could be used well by limiting his ability to advance forward (as I did in the Catacombs level), but that implementation wasn't also used here.  Consequently, he stomps right past the player's anchor cover and becomes an unstoppable nuisance.

This is probably my least favorite encounter in the game. I apologize to everyone who plays it.

Lounge Flythrough

When the threat of the armored shotgun-wielder is removed (such as by flying the camera through the space while paused in the video above), the way the sequence was supposed to function is a lot more clear. There are a series of small bedrooms (appropriate to the period, but, in hindsight, not necessarily offering the best opportunities for cover and movement) for the enemies to bunker down in, and the player enters from a split chokepoint which at least provides him a couple of avenues to approach the encounter.

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