Level: Airship
Level: Blackwall Yard
Level: Embankment
Level: Catacombs

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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Exterior Catwalk

On the catwalk at the very bottom of the airship, Galahad finally catches up to his quarry. Malory, having gone the long way around, appears at the other end of the catwalk at the same moment. The Rebel bomber is caught between them.

Malory takes a chance and urges the Rebel to help them stop the destruction before it's too late. The Rebel hints that there's more going on with their campaign than the knights know (implying that the Rebel cause is righteous, which will be explored in later levels), but there's no time left to explain.

The second device explodes, tossing Galahad backward into the cabin, and everything goes dark.

Gameplay Video


This is a moment with a lot of human drama on display. Malory essentially has the Rebel bomber trapped, but stops Galahad from shooting him in hopes that more lives can be spared.

In this moment (and, soon after, when Galahad finds Malory dead), the emotional weight of really strong performances pays off the believability and immersion the level has hopefully achieved to this point. There's real compassion in Malory's eyes here. He just wants to save lives, although he's not sure the Rebel isn't already a lost cause.

Interaction is what sets games apart from other forms of art, but it's only one (key) ingredient in the mix. The acting, the player's investment in the scenario, the incredible art and effects, the sounds and music all have to come together to create art like this.

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