Level: Airship
Level: Blackwall Yard
Level: Embankment
Level: Catacombs

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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Introduction to Stealth

Upon entering, Malory lays out a plan for the knights to split into two groups. One will locate Lord Hastings and look for clues of the Rebels' intentions. The other will take control of the cockpit.

Malory and Isabeau get hoisted onto catwalks that will take them further back into the ship, while Galahad and Lafayette will make their way down and to the front.

Engineering Section Flythrough

On the way, Galahad meets and quietly neutralizes a guard along their path.


The claustrophobic interior and stealth gameplay would be problematic with 4 squad characters. Plus, pairing Galahad with different characters in different situations keeps the dynamic from growing stale. Though he goes with Lafayette here at the start, later on he joins Malory (to ensure the player has time to get to know this important character before his tragic death at the end of the chapter).

The first obstacle to the player's progress is a guard below the catwalk where the squad enters. Here I feature the game's first real use of the "Tesla Device" to short-circuit the power below. The area darkens and the guard moves to a nearby fusebox to figure out why the lights have gone out. The purpose behind this is twofold:

  • To cause the guard to activate his lantern (since "being caught in the lantern's light" is the primary way to fail our stealth gameplay), and

  • To justify the guard remaining stationary at a spot which blocks the player's progression, where he can act as a tutorial for teaching the "stealth takedown" minigame

The minigame requires slightly more concentration by the player than similar mechanics in other games, requiring a timed button press for a successful takedown. After several playtests showed some players to have trouble grasping the desired behavior (due to the combined anxiety of having to get close to a target and "wait for the right time to strike"), it was decided that the first stealth encounter needed to be a "free kill" situation to properly teach the mechanic.

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