Level: Airship
Level: Blackwall Yard
Level: Embankment
Level: Catacombs

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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Reinforcements and Giving Chase

The foyer battle rages, but Galahad is eventually victorious.

Foyer Flythrough

Before he can savor the victory, the room shakes, and Malory reports that a bomb has detonated on one of the airship's engines—the Rebels' "Plan B" is to crash the entire ship.

Someone who appears to be leading the Rebels shows up to urge her comrades to flee. The first bomb only damaged the ship; they need to plant the second if they want to bring it down for good. Galahad sets off in pursuit of the Rebel bomber.

The chase leads him into the bowels of the ship, but the Rebels use a smoke grenade to obscure their escape.

Gameplay Video


Late in development, it was decided that this fight needed to be altered to make room for the introduction of the "heavy shotgun"-wielding enemy type so they could appear more often later in the game.

I decided that the best time to reveal this character would be as the player reaches the bottom floor. (While upstairs, the player is more likely to be using the sniper rifle, and from that vantage point this enemy's weapon wouldn't be much of a threat.) So once the player heads downstairs, he appears and takes up position just inside the main foyer floor.

This, I felt, would be the ideal spot for his introduction. The weapon he wields is a one-or-two shot kill in most cases, but the large doorways to enter the foyer provide solid, clear, full-height cover from which to peek out and assess the threat. Plus, the path down the stairs lines up with those doors in such a way that it provides plenty of encouragement to take cover on that wall before the player even realizes there's a new threat. As a bonus, there are two doors into the room, a little bit apart, and though this provides the player a choice, the shotgun enemy's position gives him good visibility on both of these chokepoints.

The other Rebels hang back to allow the player to focus on this new enemy. But their positions leave them especially vulnerable if the player picks up the heavy shotgun after killing its owner.


The chase gameplay is brief, as previous iterations revealed that a lot of ground could be covered in a short time (and therefore a lot of environment art needed to be created which the player would go past in mere seconds), but after so much of the early part of the level being focused on patient stealth, it was important to have a high-octane moment to kick things into a higher gear.

The chase was initially a bit longer, and there was more chasing in other, later parts of the level, but as the game developed as a whole, we were better able to understand the right balance for the experience we were creating. At that point, I replaced some of the chase gameplay with the combat encounters described below.

The chase moments that are no longer there were compelling, but I feel like the added combat spaces are ultimately better for the final product.

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