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Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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First Kitchen Combat

Galahad and Malory bash their way into the kitchens. More Rebels appear, and one of them gives the order to hold the line—to stop the knights here and prevent them from reaching the second bomb.

Gameplay Video


Discovering the dead crewman (a casualty of the terrorist activities of the Rebels) prepares the player to encounter Rebels. Then, as Galahad approaches the door to enter the kitchens, he hears a conversation from the other side which can only be Rebel in origin. He shoulder-bashes through and surprises the Rebels, perhaps getting a couple of shots off before they escape to join their brothers in the kitchen encounter area.

I feel that having a few of these "here's what the enemies are doing before the fight starts" moments are part of what help put the player in the mindset that the game is more than just a series of choreographed battles—it's a world that exists independent of his presence.

First Kitchen Flythrough

One of the main purposes of the kitchen fights was to give the player some time alongside Malory before his imminent death. As the earlier levels were planned out, it had already been determined that—aside from a single section with the "full squad" of 4 knights—the player's only time spent with this critical character before his death was to be in cutscenes, so the design team had some discussions about how best to give players a chance to care about him before his send-off.

The core element that came to the fore was "give him a chance to show that he's a badass." Since we were re-working the catwalk scene near the end of the level to portray him as a sympathetic character (rather than the badass final scene that was in the original pitch), it became crucial to make it clear that he was a force to be reckoned with. We settled on a simple concept: let him be the only non-player character to wield the most powerful pistol in the game, and have him use that here exclusively despite also being equipped with one of the other best guns in the game.

Whether players notice his choice of weapons is still to be seen, but it can create some enticing moments like the one above where he acts like a Wild West gunslinger, and the "boom!" of his pistol lets the player know that it's a powerful and desirable sidearm.

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