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Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

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Second Kitchen Combat

In the second kitchen, the fighting intensifies.

The extent of the damage from the first bomb becomes clear as the knights reach a collapsed passage. Malory hoists the debris, intending to let Galahad pass through and then follow, but instead hears the ceiling creak just before it collapses.

Galahad doesn't wish to separate from his friend, but Malory urges him forward—the only thing that matters is that one of them reach the second device in time to stop it.

Gameplay Video


The Foyer and Kitchen combat sequences need to achieve a delicate balance: satisfyingly challenging gunplay without having too many enemies.

While designing the level, it became clear that the more Rebels the player encountered here, the less sensible the subterfuge of "disguise a few of us as EIC guards" seems. After all, with two bombs and a small army, they are clearly capable of capturing and destroying the Agamemnon.

That's how I approached the kitchen layouts. They're tight spaces with a lot of corners for cover—it only takes a small number of Rebels to creates a rich-feeling, high-intensity fight because there are so many cover options for both the enemies and for the player.

Second Kitchen Flythrough

A key element of both kitchen encounter spaces is the "flank hallway." In the first room, I put it in a fairly traditional spot—to one side of the main fight space—where the player should recognize it as a flank and take advantage. In the second kitchen fight (the image above), I turned that idea on its head: the flank is right in front of the player and the main area is on the side, but two enemies have the furthest part of the walkway locked down.

The player's choice: to hunker down and take over the hallway before using it as a flank, or to ignore the flank (which the layout implies is clearly the way to go) and engage the main area enemies first... possibly leaving these first enemies to use the flank to their advantage?


Here at the end of the kitchen fights, a crucial moment for the player's relationship with Malory takes place—cirucumstances force Galahad and his mentor to split up, reconnecting again just seconds before the ship crash and Malory's death. Malory's dogged insistence here on finishing the mission is good characterization, and is nicely rounded by his final dialogue, where, once the Rebel bomber has been captured, rather than simply gun him down, Malory attempts to reason with him and even seeks a peaceful resolution.

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