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Level: Catacombs

Chapter 15: To Save A Life

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Catacombs: Sewer Combat

Leaving the Armory, Galahad runs into one more obstacle on his mission to rescue Tesla.

The shape of this sewer-like chamber works in the Army's favor, providing a wide series of cover points they can use to control a choke point at one end of the room. If Galahad can round the bend, he can turn their advantage against them, then push on to save his friend!

Sewer Flythrough

(Though doing that will require one more fight—against a Lycan.)


This fight is intended as a short-but-sweet payoff for the challenge of the previous encounter: depending on his choices, the player likely reaches the start of this battle with either a Detonator, Thermite Rifle, or Arc Gun. Though the number of enemies array in opposition initially looks intimidating, the full-height "backboard" formed by the wall behind the enemy cover boosts the effectiveness of these weapons (and grenades) dramatically.

In terms of the respawn scripting, I essentially continue to throw enemies into the mix until the player reaches the chokepoint mid-way through the space, then cancel all further reinforcements so there's a satisfyingly-quick "mop up." Since the agenda for the fight was essentially "let the player have fun with the big weapons as long as he likes before the game ends," this seemed like an efficient way to go about that.

Gameplay Video

Between This Level and the End of the Game

Galahad reaches Tesla's Lab, but finds it to have been ripped apart. Tesla is injured, but alive, and is able to get away—Alastair left him as bait when he heard Galahad was on his way to Westminster.

The two knights engage in battle, Alastair transforming into his Lycan form, but Galahad is victorious in the end. It's a bitter victory, though, since the two had once been friends.

Alastair's father (the Lord Chancellor of The Order) arrives and reveals that he knew what Alastair was. He could not bring himself to take the life of a child, however, and adopted him as a son. Still unable to rectify his sin, he hands Galahad a pistol to deliver the killing shot.

Final Analysis

I personally wish that more of the game could have made use of the core-mechanic-heavy approach seen in Catacombs, but The Order: 1886 is a "filmic" experience as much as it is a combat one.

In the end, the level fits its role—it keeps the pace and tension high, provides opportunities to use weapons which had too little time in the sun, and hopefully leaves players wanting more. I think, combined with the narrative payoff of getting revenge against Alastair for his hand in ruining Galahad's reputation, it provides as satisfying an ending to this game as it can (given that the end of the game is kind of a cliffhanger).

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