Level: Composer

Game stats


November 6, 2012 - Xbox 360 exclusive
November 11, 2014 - Xbox One exclusive (re-released as part of The Master Chief Collection)


Proprietary Halo tools (Sapien and Guerilla), Maya, both Lisp- and C-style scripting

Level Breakdown:

8 campaign levels


Halo 4 begins a new chapter in the Master Chief's quest to protect humanity from its enemies.

Though the Flood has been defeated, many Covenant races continue hostile action against humans.  The Master Chief returns as a new enemy arises:  the Prometheans, deadly synthetic warriors built by the Forerunners.  This enigmatic race—worshipped by the Covenant as gods—have been gone from the galaxy for thousands of years...

...but one Forerunner remains.  The Didact was a military genius among his people and bears an enduring hatred towards humanity...

What I worked on

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Encounter Designer on  1  Level:

Mission 7: Composer
(a.k.a. Ivanoff Space Station)

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Deep-dive into the Halo extended universe to achieve advanced-level knowledge of the franchise

  • Assist the Narrative team in creating storytelling opportunities throughout the level

  • Attend regular Design Team multiplayer sessions with follow-up Q&A

  • Offer feedback and suggestions to the "Sandbox" Design Team on vehicles, equipment items, and AI behaviors

  • Attend playtest sessions with external testers to look for potential level improvement areas

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