Level: Composer

Level: Composer

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Summary of Events leading Up To This Level

In the previous level, the Master Chief and Cortana attempted to stop the escape of Halo 4's main villain—the Didact—from his imprisonment on the planet Requiem.

Though unsuccessful, they manage to board a large Covenant dropship called a "Lich" and witness the Didact's immense ship constructing itself as it leaves the shield world's outer shell.

The Lich follows the Didact's ship (named "Mantle's Approach") as it forms a slipspace portal leading to an unknown destination. Master Chief scrambles to reach a safe nook within the ship's slipspace shield before it enters the portal.

Ending Cinematic


Opening Cinematic

The Composer level opens immediately thereafter.  The ships emerge from slipspace, and the Master Chief pulls himself up to take in their new surroundings.

The fleet has arrived at a Halo ring—Installation 03—which has been the site of a top-secret Office of Naval Intelligence study for some time.  Their main discovery was the artifact known as "the Composer," which Master Chief has been told will be a weapon of unimaginable destructive capability if the Didact acquires it.

The Covenant fleet follows the Mantle's Approach as it turns away from the Halo.  As Cortana observes, they must know that the Composer has been moved to Ivanoff Station, the ONI facility embedded into a large asteroid.

Cut to the Master Chief having taken over control of the Lich after killing the Covenant on board.  He inserts Cortana into the controls, but as she's piloting the ship into a landing bay, her Rampancy causes her to crash the ship.


It's been said that the core of Halo campaigns is going to interesting locales to shoot things.  In keeping with that, the Ivanoff Space Station environment has an immediately-compelling premise.

The station appears to be built into the largest asteroid in an asteroid belt.  The truth is even cooler—what appears to be an asteroid belt is really the blasted-away remains of part of a planet (which can be seen in the distance).

On top of that, in a main-series Halo game, players have a certain expectation that a Halo ring will make an appearance.  We wanted to pay off that expectation in an unexpected way:  by showing the player a Halo, then slyly making it only a secondary or tertiary player in the drama.

In case that feels at all like a cheat to players, we ensured that the Halo is prominently featured in the vistas of several key moments.  In essence, it becomes not only the source of the driving plot device (the Composer, transported to the station from the ring) but also a looming presence like that of the Didact's ship.

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