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Mysterious Vessel: Rescue, Part 1

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Pod Room Revelations

Back upstairs, Jack uses the holographic control armatures to lower the three sets of stasis pods.  The lowered pods' control pucks become active, and Jack slides one down to reveal...

Not only are the pod occupants humanoid, but they're humans (which is a bit of a surprise, given the "alien" look of the ship exterior and interiors) and Apollo now reveals that they're part of the same Atlas organization as Jack and Liv, only a future version of it.

Jack is confused, but Apollo explains what he believes is going on:  He suspects Jack was offline for hundreds of years, and his mission to rescue Liv is misguided.


Apollo's Scans

Apollo is concerned that all the occupants of these stasis pods are dead, and instructs Jack to download the senior officer's command codes so they can access the ship's sensors.  Once uploaded with the codes, Apollo scans the ship to find that every crew member everywhere aboard has been killed.  Apollo has failed to protect his crew and falls into despair.

While continuing to scan, however, Apollo picks up a signal.  Hera appears in his projection—the signal he's receiving is the distress signal from the Kronos II station.  Apollo wonders how this can be, since (from his perspective) the station has been destroyed for hundreds of years, but Jack understands and explains... Jack didn't wake up after hundreds of years—instead, the anomaly that destroyed the station was caused by the ship time-traveling to its past.  Apollo, not Jack, is in the wrong time period, and that means that Liv is likely still alive!

With a new Atlas crew member to protect, Apollo's drive to succeed returns!  He scans the ship looking for signs of Liv's presence, and quickly locates a disturbance in one of the life support systems that implies someone is actively making adjustments to it.  It must be Liv!

Apollo commandeers Jack's transport and remotely flies it to a nearby airlock, saying it's the fastest way for them to reach Liv's position (in Rescue, Part 2).



There's a lot of narrative to cover in this section; hopefully it doesn't feel too "overloaded" to a new player.  We had tried to break up the story differently in a couple of different ways, but with needing to discover Liv's location before the second part of the mission (in Rescue, Part 2) and just having met Apollo (whose mysteries we wanted to give players a little time to wonder over), there wasn't really a better way to work it out.

Overall, I think it became what it needed to be when we put the narrative reveals at the end of a puzzle sequence.  Originally, the two were separate rooms, which meant the narrative didn't feel like enough of a "reward" for having done the gameplay.

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