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Mysterious Vessel: Rescue, Part 1

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The Cannon Control Room

On the other side of the cannon room lies a workstation which appears to have been involved in the cannon's operation.  Jack continues to find no signs of life, humanoid or otherwise, aboard the derelict vessel.

Here Jack finds himself needing to enter a maintenance passage of sorts to proceed.  Upon using the holographic controls to open the hatch, the digital apparition seen earlier makes another appearance.  What could its purpose or intent be?


Not much to say here, other than that there used to be more of an exploratory component to this area.  (And well before that, a puzzle!  But that's a different story.)

Now it mostly serves as the one spot that was convenient for my private "joke" for the player:  when we were discussing having the digital apparitions, my first thought was of one appearing in front of a door right after you use the control to open it.  You dont' expect it to show up at that moment, which is what makes it fun.  (Kind of like the infamous "ladder" moment in the game F.E.A.R)


Another Breadcrumb

At the other end of the tunnel, Jack emerges into a space both familiar and not.  Just ahead, he can see another Junction and vent entrance, though this one is nearly covered in Bio Mass.  The room's left side is dominated by another torpedo, though this one appears different—the slats around the nose cone are shut, hiding the light the previous one was emitting.

Jack approaches cautiously and is revealed to be right to do so as the top opens and spills both light and dozens of Spores into the small space.  Clearly these torpedoes are a delivery system for the Bio Threat contamination!

If the player recalls his previous encounters with the Bio Mass, he may recognize that the Junction in this room is providing an opportunity to "outsmart" the threat.  By default, this Junction's output points forward and provides power to the vent doors.  By twisting the Junction to another output, the power feeding the Bio Mass clusters surrounding the vent entrace can be de-powered, allowing Jack an easier, safer trip into the vent passageways above.

Also, through a window in the doorway just ahead, Jack can see another of the Emergency Beacons which Liv left behind.  However, the door control on this side is covered in deadly Bio Mass, so Jack takes a look around and makes a mental note to try to find another way into that section of corridor.



This space is a mish-mash of ideas that all got added at different times, and it ends up a bit of a mess.  It's covered slightly by the fact that much of the time spent aboard the ship is supposed to be mysterious and unknowable, but there's a lot here that doesn't exactly gel.

The Junction is supposed to be closer to the Bio Mass that it's used to deactivate (and the lighting needs to not fight against the clarity of what's happening), but the two got separated when this was determined to be the best spot to introduce the "exploding" Spore Torpedo concept.  Which could use an introduction more focused on presenting it well.

The path to the Emergency Beacon also originally made (a bit) more sense.  In the current version, to get to something "straight ahead", you have to go "up, then really far to your left, then left again, then take a curving pipe that takes another left."  Originally it started on the player's left (through some windows which no longer exist) thereby keeping the direction to obtain it always generally the same, and the "up" step was followed more immediately by a recognizable "down" step.

But the core of the idea was good, so we kept it as the needs of its surroundings changed.

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