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Mysterious Vessel: Rescue, Part 1

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Bio Threat's Final* Form   (* = see right column)

Upon entering the second set of vents, Jack stumbles upon a new challenge that (based on its color, texture, and emergence from the Bio Mass) can only be a new form of the Bio Threat organism.  Jack first sees it from a significant distance, and from this safe location he watches as a power cell tumbles out of a connecting corridor.  The bulbous forms bend and arch toward the cell, drawn to its presence, and as it draws close to them, the become agitated and explode!  These "Bio Cysts" pop like balloons, releasing the Spores which were contained inside to bounce around the area at a high velocity!

These Cysts react similarly to Jack's presence, as he soon finds out.  Forced to manuever past them to continue, he watches anxiously as they bend toward him.  Too close, and they pop, emitting both Spores and a small cloud of invisible radiation.  Worse yet, they re-grow after only a few seconds, ready to burst again!



Originally, we had prototyped another form of Bio Threat!

In the early gameplay video below—released by Ready At Dawn—you can see prototype versions of Bio Mass, Spores, Cysts, and one other type of organic obstacle the game was originally going to have.  I can't tell you more (since the player in the video uses a technique to avoid being negatively impacted by the one he gets close to), but take a look and see if you can guess how this would have operated and what the player might have been able to do in relation to it (other than simply avoid it)!  Your guess may be closer than you know!


Also, the Cysts are cool just the way they are.  Focus testers often commented that they were unsure at what range they would detonate and perhaps you should have to touch them for them to pop.  However, the statistics showed that the challenge they present is right around where we had wanted them, and the uncertainty about the detonation range is a large part of what keeps the interactions with them tense.

The Second Vent Challenge

This section features two short detours for players in an exploratory mood.  If Jack continues past the first two Cysts rather than taking the well-lit entrance to the next corridoor, he ends up on a path which circles back to the Emergency Beacon which Liv left on the other side of the door seen in the previous section.  A bit further on, a spur of corridor heavily dotted with Cysts leads to another sighting of the mysterious apparition and an unfamiliar version of a familiar tool: the "impact hammer" gun which can be found around the Dig Sites surrounding the station earlier in the game.


The new form of the Impact Hammer gun might be a giveaway for future reveals, but since the biggest, bright-neon clue of what gets revealed later in this part of the ship is encountered in the next room, I figured it couldn't hurt.

The ship sections are significantly more linear than the early portions of the game, which often at least gesture toward doing things in whatever order you wish or provide clear "play time" moments for players to investigate whatever they like.  Given the directive for this part of the game ("find Liv") and the tendency for players to get exceptionally lost in early versions of the space, it made sense to linearize this sequence and keep most of the exploration options (prop cabinets, etc.) on the main path.

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