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Mysterious Vessel: Rescue, Part 1

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The Final Vent Challenge

The path to the pod room takes Jack through another set of vent passageways.  In this section, however, the lights have failed, plunging the area into darkness.  Players may attempt to navigate by the glow of the Bio Mass and Cysts alone, but their emissive qualities don't carry far.  Activating the headlamp gives Jack a better view of the spots which are safe to touch, though the density of threats keeps navigation treacherous.

At the midpoint of the vents, there's a passage where the wall surfaces are almost entirely covered.  However, one of the wires emitted from the torpedo passes through the opening and provides a reasonably clear path for Jack to navigate hand-over-hand style.



This was a fun one to make.

Early versions of this space largely followed the same path and basic principles, but as I tried different things, people would have "favorites" and want me to push certain elements further or use them in other places.

"Crawling along a wire is fun" was a discovery I can't take credit forómy primary Environment Artist invented some fun navigation when he added that to the Hull section (though there it's entirely optional)óbut putting it across the back of this space, where it acts as a helping hand to get through a narrow space when the player is surrounded by Bio Mass, makes for a real winner of a (tense) experience.

The Bio Mass column made its first appearance in this section and was so popular that it ended up being added to the first Vent section and is a major feature of a couple of spaces in Part 2 of the rescue.  To switch things up, I then had to come up with this monstrosity, which I'm sure can't have been easy for the Environment Artist to pull off: the 3-way column.

Also, the consensus on the version before this one was that it was great fun, but could be even more fun if it were even more challenging.  So... you're welcome?

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